Maarten Joosen

About Me

The driving force behind MJO Advise is Maarten Joosen. He makes it his life purpose to make organizations work better, to touch people in their lives, so that the world and thus things, organizations and people become better, faster and more fun. He does this by deploying different disciplines to surprise people with different perspectives and by fusion those to help people navigate in an increasingly complex world. He works from roles ranging from Enterprise Architect, Business Engineer to innovation games facilitator and training actor. The connecting characteristic in all these roles is his focus on communication and the exchange of ideas.

From his youth, Maarten cherishes the Yin and Yang concept, for example by being a graduate in psychology and computer science. He has united these two studies with his PhD in mathematical psychology. He works as a consultant in ICT but is also active as an actor. The combination is also expressed in his unconditional love for improvisation principles such as accepting and building on (accepting is something different than agreeing), letting others shine, and not postponing but acting in the here and now. In his eyes, improvising means not devising ad hoc solutions, but coming up with solutions in the here and now that fit in with the story that is already being told. It is this combination of structure and practicality that ensures that MJO Advise delivers fast and adequate added value.