Business engineering is the development and implementation of business solutions, from business model to business processes and organizational structure to information systems and information technology. Business engineering combines knowledge in the fields of business administration, Industrial Engineering, as well as information technology and connects it to all aspects of transformation, from means of presentation to process models to cultural and political considerations.

MJO Advise distinguishes three main dimensions in business engineering (akin to the Archimate aspects )

  • Knowledge (passive structure): What knowledge is used and how is this organized? The dividing lines between data, information and knowledge are not always clear, therefore we call all these elements ' knowledge' for the sake of convenience.
    • Knowledge architecture: information analysis, conceptual knowledge representations and possible business rules;
    • Knowledge management: organizing the life cycle, detecting and resolving knowledge bottlenecks;
    • Knowledge redesign: sharing knowledge in a chain, dealing with standard registers, keeping track of snapshots, learning systems (best action etc.), data mining.
  • Process (Behavior): Which processes are there and how are they put together.
    • Process architecture: process analyzes such as workflow, case-based work, dynamic case management, event-driven process control;
    • Process management: process monitoring, process improvements (lean / Six Sigma), task prioritization and allocation;
    • Process redesign: self-management, customer-centric, daring to allow fine-grained control.
  • Actors (active structure): which business actors, devices and / or application components are involved. In addition to the actual actors, we take also stakeholders into account and focus on human actors.
    • Actor architecture: team analysis (Belbin), mapping of (core) qualities/quadrants, and their formal and implicit roles
    • Actor management: teambuilding, personal effectiveness
    • Actor redesign: coaching

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